Episode 20 : And He Reveals Himself

2017-02-12 – And He Reveals Himself Immigration EO Stopped in Court ICE Raids  (wild hypocrisy) Sessions in. Voting Rights Out. CIA/Trump/Flynn Issue The latest on the ACA DeVos in. Evolution Out Big Story: Trump Golfing away your Future  (“Sure, one China, fine“)  (NK, whatevs) Kellyanne Debacle (the controlled media lies) Yemen Confusion {follow-up, finish up} […]

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Episode 3: Go Cowboys!!

Escaping Dystopia : Episode 3 All right…let’ s go Cowboys!!! Football talk..go! —- 2016-11-20 ———- After all…Denver bars…Colorado Law….Federal Law…. Threats and harassment. Central Park 5…Racist past and calls for vengeance and violence. Aaaah, the “Tweeting Cheeto” Bannon’s influence on Trump and how the Alt Right thinks on races (they don’t go together). Wikileaks….end of […]

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