Episode 31 : June 25, 2017: Attack of the “Better” Healthcare Act

Episode 31 : June 25, 2017: Attack of the “Better” Healthcare Act New Republican “Better” Healthcare Act Trump, Ford, China, NAFTA Ossoff Election Reaction Possibility of Robot Replacement by Profession “Ink by the Barrel” Discussion and History “Bothsidism” The Trump FBI Nomination that wasn’t Crop Rotting Russia Cyber Attack Response The Second Amendment Solution Shooting […]

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Episode 20 : And He Reveals Himself

2017-02-12 – And He Reveals Himself Immigration EO Stopped in Court ICE Raids  (wild hypocrisy) Sessions in. Voting Rights Out. CIA/Trump/Flynn Issue The latest on the ACA DeVos in. Evolution Out Big Story: Trump Golfing away your Future  (“Sure, one China, fine“)  (NK, whatevs) Kellyanne Debacle (the controlled media lies) Yemen Confusion {follow-up, finish up} […]

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