Episode 19 : A Fortnight of Trump

Episode 19 :  A Fortnight of Trump : 2017-02-05 Big story this week: Yemen Raid Putin’s a Killer The GOP ain’t stopping this boat  (they’re “steering” it) President Bannon on NSC Fox selling the Fascism (it’s Patriotism to the Nationalists!) All of this is a Setup  (oh my lord, the setup) SCOTUS, NOTUS “Racism” and […]

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Episode 9: Alt Right, Perfect vs Good, ACA, Science, Victory Tour, Westworld

2016/12/11: Alt Right, Perfect vs Good, ACA, Science, Victory Tour, Westworld .intro filler… My Racist Trolls. Theme: The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good Gaming: War Robots ACA Repeal: Instant Impacts = tax cuts Science Stuff Victory Tour and Fascism  (chumps)  (useful idiots) Westworld Discussion. Other…time permitting….(that WW discussion *will* run long…)  

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Episode 5: Hitting Some Stride

Links: 2016/11/27 Things Getting Weird Political Economy of Poor White Voters How to Recognize a Dystopia How Alt Right Trolls Roll Epic Conflicts of Interest Fake News: Fake News in the Suburbs Inside a Fake New Factory Russians and Fake News Fake Election (from the “winner”) No Recount — Em Drive

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Episode 3: Go Cowboys!!

Escaping Dystopia : Episode 3 All right…let’ s go Cowboys!!! Football talk..go! —- 2016-11-20 ———- After all…Denver bars…Colorado Law….Federal Law…. Threats and harassment. Central Park 5…Racist past and calls for vengeance and violence. Aaaah, the “Tweeting Cheeto” Bannon’s influence on Trump and how the Alt Right thinks on races (they don’t go together). Wikileaks….end of […]

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