Episode 3: Go Cowboys!!

Escaping Dystopia : Episode 3

All right…let’ s go Cowboys!!!

Football talk..go!
After all…Denver bars…Colorado Law….Federal Law….

Threats and harassment.

Central Park 5…Racist past and calls for vengeance and violence.

Aaaah, the “Tweeting Cheeto”

Bannon’s influence on Trump and how the Alt Right thinks on races (they don’t go together).

Wikileaks….end of privacy.

Emolument. (Article I, Section 9, Clause 8) Trump conflicts are real…”Blind Trust” Invanka, Abe….

1.3 – 1.8 Background on theory, discussion on lack of empathy that arises from this..

Alt right…don’t know real racism…but for the last eight years, they’ve been the targets of all of the this. (move to equality). So their reaction is these memes.

“Stop It.” vs. Hamilton tweets.

TV Shows…Walkin’ Dead…Negan rant.


Links: 2016/11/20






Meet the Law Prof Who Found 10,000+ Lawyers Opposed to Bannon


Click to access mmi-gen-x-demographic-profile.pdf

Click to access mmi-gen-y-demographic-profile.pdf

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