ESCAPING DYSTOPIA: EPISODE 119: JUNE 12, 2022: BotH sIdeS Theory

Topics (in rough order):Spaceship Earth UpdateAndrew Yang and BoTh sIdeS Theory Inflation and Putin Singularity Update Links: [ raw numbers, I need to play with some, but a good source for data ]

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Episode 19 : A Fortnight of Trump

Episode 19 :  A Fortnight of Trump : 2017-02-05 Big story this week: Yemen Raid Putin’s a Killer The GOP ain’t stopping this boat  (they’re “steering” it) President Bannon on NSC Fox selling the Fascism (it’s Patriotism to the Nationalists!) All of this is a Setup  (oh my lord, the setup) SCOTUS, NOTUS “Racism” and […]

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Episode 5: Hitting Some Stride

Links: 2016/11/27 Things Getting Weird Political Economy of Poor White Voters How to Recognize a Dystopia How Alt Right Trolls Roll Epic Conflicts of Interest Fake News: Fake News in the Suburbs Inside a Fake New Factory Russians and Fake News Fake Election (from the “winner”) No Recount — Em Drive

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