Episode 10: Oil, Money, and Corporate Power: #MAGA

J Bernard Jones : Through Tuesday

Today’s Scorecard: Trump selects Rex Tillerson to be Secetary of State, a close friend of Vladmir Putin and who has a lot of Russian ties. He selects Rick Perry as secretary of energy, who has previously said he wants to dismantle it completely — sort of like the way Betsy Devos as head of Dept. of Education wants to dismantle it, Ben Carson wants to dismantle important parts of HUD, Tom Price wants to destroy health care reform, Jeff Sessions who is a longtime enemy of civil rights at Attorney General, Munchkin, Ross and MacMahon (WWE) who all want to roll back wages and protections for workers and all types of deregulation for businesses…..and, though he has no time for national security briefings, sits down for a heart to heart with Kanye West, And it’s only Tuesday….

Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi

Big News

Russian Hacking Outcomes

Putin, Aleppo, and Kanye

The “Intellectual/Emotional” Battle


Electors, Emoluments and Lessig

More Global Warming News


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